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articule’s membership is fluid and open to all artists and affiliated professionals who support our mandate and activities. We aim to maintain a non-hierarchical, transparent and democratic structure to foster cultural and generational diversity within the centre.

There are two ways to become an active member: by completing four hours of volunteer work and attending one general assembly within the same programming year, or by attending two general assemblies within the same programming year. The annual membership fee is $1.

Members are invited to participate on our permanent and ad hoc committees (below), and help with general tasks at the centre.

In exchange, active members are given opportunities to gain professional experience on both administrative and artistic levels, and initiate projects through our various committees. You can also make a donation to the centre to support our activities and become a friend of articule. Active members and friends benefit from professional workshops, reduced prices on our multiples and rentals, and receive our monthly member newsletter. Active members are eligible to become Board members, and have the right to vote at the elections and the assemblies.

Drop by the centre or contact us!


Programming Committees

Long term programming

Mandate: Programming exhibitions, performance, music, talks, video and other special events that reflect articule’s desire to expose new work of a challenging nature to our audience. Work in all media is considered with an emphasis on work of which the content addresses contemporary aesthetics, cultural and social issues, and work by artists for which the production might not be considered mainstream or part of the dominant culture.

Short term programming

Mandate: Complementing the exhibition programming at articule, the short term programming known as Special Projects promotes independent projects of diverse natures for public presentation. The committee has a particular interest in “undisciplined” practices and projects that manifest themselves in site-specific contexts and/or alternatives sites.

VIVA! Art Action

Mandate: Programming performances, happenings, public interventions or furtive actions in articule's programming, as part of the biennial festival VIVA! Art action. 


Writers' Club

Mandate: The Writers' Club produces and disseminates texts to accompany exhibitions and projects presented by articule. The club's objective is to educate, experiment and spark dialogue between exhibited works, articule members and the wider public.


Development Committee

Mandate: Guide and participate in the implementation of our outreach strategies. Includes organizing Le Mile End s'articule, articule's outdoor community arts festival. 


Fabulous Committee

Mandate: Develop anti-oppression strategies to make the centre more inclusive and culturally diverse, this includes the artists we present through our programming as well as our internal structure (members, board, staff). Includes organizing Montreal Monochrome, articule's conference on mis-and under-representation and systemic oppression of marginalized groups in Montreal's contemporary art milieu. 


Rainbow Committee

Mandate: The Rainbow Committee investigates and pursues articule’s options in regard to seeking a change of premises appropriate and suitable to articule in the context of the centre’s recent strategic planning process and its hopes for future growth and development.


Fundraising Committee

Mandate: Guide and participate in the implementation of our fundraising strategies.


Communications Committee ("Archibald Tuttle")

Mandate: Review and improve articule’s information management practices (communication, digital networking, documentation and archiving tools).


Members' Committee

Mandate: In charge of coordinating member initiatives and events, responding to member needs, and planning the annual Members’ Show.



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