Fundraising Campaign

December 06, 2013
articule is a registered charity. When you make a gift to articule of $20 or more, we will issue you a tax receipt. Currently, the majority of ariticule’s support comes from government arts councils of Montreal, Quebec and Canada. articule’s objective is to diversify funding to gain autonomy... {read more}


Soupe Souper Supper!

Morgan Sea (Montréal)
December 05, 2013
Everywhere you look these days, there are super-heroes to be found, on the tv, in the movie theatres, in comic books… everywhere! But have you ever thought to yourself, ‘what is this superhero stuff really all about?’ Like many folks, you probably don’t have the time or humility to... {read more}


Rotation, Rotation

June 21, 2013 to December 23, 2013
The most festive garage sale in town! A fundraising event for articule that happens every second to last weekend in June.We accept donations in the form of forgotten treasures, gently used goods, and curious things. All unsold items is given to charity.


Soup and Sex

Skye Maule-O'Brien
April 01, 2013
  Dick Love: A discussion on positive masculinity that breaks fromhomophobia, violence and misogyny.Discussion with Skye Maule-O'BrienSkye Maule-O’Brien, will share some of her own experiences and thoughts around masculinity from her sexy sex positive perspective. Aided by a provocative... {read more}


Soup & the sweet science of bruising

Samuel Garrigó Meza
February 21, 2013
  Boxing, cruelest of sports, organized hurt, anachronistic spectacle of ritualized brutality, is scrutinized and appraised in a 12 round slide presentation. Jack Johnson's crossing of the Colour Line in 1908, Muhammad Ali's opposition to the Vietnam War, Kim Duk-Koo's death in the... {read more}


Soup and Stain

Jenna D. Maclellan (Montreal)
December 08, 2012
 jenna dawn maclellan, Janna Maria Vallee and Lauren Osmond, of SCRATCH invite you to an afternoon of sipping soup and staining silk at articule. Using dye plants which were harvested from articule’s outside planter, participants will learn about the magical and practical world of natural... {read more}


Something pour quelque chose

December 08, 2012 to December 09, 2012
 Come support local artists and artisans as well as articule! This a winter fundraiser event for articule artist run centre. SOMETHING FOR QUELQUE CHOSE WILL FEATURE:- 12 artists and artisans!- Silent auction!- Hot soup! from Ta Chido- Gift Wrapping!- Musical performances!


Rotation Rotation 2012

June 23, 2012 to June 24, 2012
  From the 21st of June at 5pm to the 23rd at 6pm.The most festive garage sale in town is back!A fundraising event for articule, artist-run centreWith raffle gift certificate prizes to win from MANU REVA, NAADA YOGA, ANNEX VINTAGE, la TAMALERA haute cuisine de rue méxicaine, ROUGE nail bar and... {read more}


Soup and script

Mary Stockland
March 22, 2012
 TAKE UP THE PEN: A HANDWRITTEN WORKSHOPHandwriting is second only to the voice as the indelible mark of personal expression. It is the result of muscle movement physically pushing a tool across a surface and leaving a mark. However, some might argue that because our sophisticated typing machines... {read more}


Les Faussaires

Claude Tousignant (Montréal)
November 18, 2011 to November 25, 2011
Les Faussaires is a unique fundraising event where articule has invited twelve Canadian artist to forge a work generously donated by renown artist Claude Tousignant. Tousignant’s work and its forgeries will be on exhibit at articule from November 18th to 25th. Throughout the exhibition the authors of each... {read more}


2011-12 Season Launch

September 15, 2011
To celebrate our incredible neighborhood and community, articule is hosting an evening to facilitate exchange and networking.  Come enjoy the festivities to make new connections and commend our friends that we know and love.  


Rotation Rotation 2011

June 25, 2011
 Now that spring is here, it is once again time to clean out, make room, and do a little FUNdraising for articule at the same time!  As of June 1st, articule will be looking for donations in the form of forgotten treasures, gently used goods, and curious things for our stuff sale Rotation,... {read more}


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