[CANCELLED] Vernissage: What is nature?

What is nature? presents artworks that reveal the plurality of cultural and personal conceptions of the environment. Through photography, painting, dance, and spatial installations, the artists consider their own relationship with nature from their diverse practices and experiences. Nature becomes both the subject of contemplation and the material foundation of the artworks. Through this engagement between art and nature, the exhibition seeks to dismantle the Western dichotomy between people and the environment. By presenting alternative perspectives to this persistent myth, What is nature? invites viewers to reflect on how they have conceived of the notion of nature in the past, to participate in proposing new ways to represent nature and communicate about environmental issues.


Camille Huang / The Wild Is In You

Magali Alanis Rodriguez-Beaudoin / Circonférences

Joshua Jensen / Forage

Michelle Caron-Pawlowsky / It Starts Like This

Elisabeth Perrault / Sans titre/Untitled

Colin Courtney / Living Landscapes

Tristan Lajarrige / Water Bottles

David Durham / Hidden Figures

Exhibition Facilitators: Max Poelzer & Jacqueline Addison

Art Matters is a non-profit festival that celebrates and supports the developing talent housed at Concordia University, with the aim of providing emerging artists with practical skills, tools, and knowledge. The festival starts a dialogue between students and professionals by providing galleries and venues as a platform to promote artwork. Art Matters strives to build an inclusive community and encourages accessibility and diversity.

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