Closing Performance: KINE-POETICS

Thursday, October 31, 2019 - 8:00pm

*Please note: this performance is not child-friendly.

Doors at 7pm, performance at 8pm.

articule invites you to the closing performance of Stephanie Creaghan, Nat Navi, and Lees Brenson and Mitch Westcott (Dregqueen)'s research residency KINE-POETICS/CINÉ-POÉTIQUES: Queer & Trans Music As a Means of Survival.

During this research residency, the artists will highlight the power of collaboration, inter-support and music through performance, video and sculpture. The residency will feature AV/tactile manifestations or responses to music.


Stephanie Creaghan makes work about how violence inserts itself into communication, combining different pathways (like audio and video) to uncover these latent forms of manipulation and the resulting pain to bring to light the undiscussed/repressed.

Nat Navi is an Latinx experimental techno producer, based and raised in Montreal. They create auditory landscapes taking inspiration from the void – exploring the known and unknown.

Dregqueen (Lees Brenson and Mitch Westcott) is a performative dragging of refuse meant to unearth the previously unseen, with both eyes pried open. Formed in Montreal in 2018, Dregqueen’s music is best described as “Trans Femme body pop” driven by feeling, intended to make the audience move.

Stephanie Creaghan: F. V.
Dregqueen: Véro Fay
Nat Navi: Joshua Harold Wiebe

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