Position Available: Programming Coordinator

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07/05/2019 - 23:59

Position available - Programming Coordinator


Closing Date             Friday, July 5th, 2019

Location                    Montréal, QC

Work hours                28 hours per week

Salary                        $21,54 per hour

Position starts          August 5,  2019

Summary                 articule is hiring a Programming Coordinator. The position is classified as regular. The hourly rate is $21,54, including 4 weeks of holidays during the centre’s summer closure. Candidates have until July 5th, 2019 to submit their application.


About Us

articule is an open-access artist-run centre dedicated to the presentation of a broad range of contemporary art practices. Through our various programming channels, we strive for interdisciplinary artistic excellence and social engagement. While special consideration is given to emerging artists, we also respect those who have already established important precedents, who continue to test the limits of aesthetic gesture, and who commit themselves to the ideals of experimentation and risk-taking. articule supports discursive and alternative activities that promote dialogue and build networks with local, national and international artists, collectives and organizations. Our open structure encourages the direct participation of an active and diverse membership on both programming and organisational levels.


Job Description

The Programming Coordinator represents the artistic vision of articule to diverse publics. Aware of local, national, and international contemporary art practices, they will develop an innovative calendar of exhibitions and programming which advances articule’s mandate. The incoming coordinator will maintain articule’s tradition of artistic exploration and interdisciplinary practice. Working closely with members, staff, and board, the programming coordinator will envision new possibilities and sustainable initiatives for the centre as it prepares for a move in the next five years.




A university degree in an artistic field or acceptable equivalent in a related field combined with extensive professional experience in visual art.



A minimum of 3 years experience coordinating art exhibitions, events and projects, in particular:

  • - experience in publicity and promotion, including representation and public-speaking
  • - expertise in grant-writing
  • - mastery of spoken and written English and French; excellent writing skills in both languages



  • - knowledge of the artist-run-centre milieu and contemporary art globally
  • - familiarity with a Mac environment (Word, Excel, InDesign, Photoshop)



  • - autonomy; sense of initiative; leadership.
  • - ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • - ability to manage and effectively prioritize multiple simultaneous projects.
  • - flexibility and ability to work under pressure.
  • - ability to work independently and in a team.
  • - excellent interpersonal skills.
  • - dynamic personality, good team spirit and an openness to a diversity of approaches.


Responsibilities include:


  • - plan and manage the presentation of exhibitions and projects
  • - coordinate and participate in programming committees
  • - prepare communications related to programming and support the promotion of events
  • - maintain ongoing communication with artists and provide them with exhibition documentation
  • - supervise programming support staff, including freelancers, interns and volunteers



  • - represent the centre and its objectives in the artistic milieu, to the media, and the public
  • - represent articule at conferences, festivals and other events
  • - liaise with peer organizations, networks and partners
  • - support fundraising activities by representing articule at meetings and events



  • - write grant applications for core funding and project grants
  • - manage the programming budget
  • - support the activities of the committee preparing for articule’s projected relocation
  • - work in collaboration with colleagues, the Board of Directors and the Membership to ensure the smooth running of the centre



Applications should include:

  • - letter of intent; curriculum vitæ; pertinent examples of writing (2); names and coordinates of two references.


Please submit applications to the Human Resources Committee by email: rh-hr@articule.org

Deadline for applications: Friday, July 5, 2019, 23:59 (11:59 PM EST)

We thank all applicants for their interest, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.



Our Basis of Unity: Strategies for an anti-oppressive centre

In response to affirming articule as an inclusive space, and in hopes of providing a resource for more equitable spaces throughout our local and international arts communities, we prepared the basis of unity. The construction of this project is ongoing, as we build a framework and gather a collection of tools to tackle oppressive systemic disparities in our own, other art spaces, and beyond.

articule recognizes that systemic oppression exists in and operates through arts communities to disempower individuals because of their race, nationality, gender, sexuality, economic status, religion, ability, and more. The shape these intersecting forms of marginalization take includes: unequal access to opportunity, cultural insensitivity, cultural appropriation, harassment whether psychological or physical, microaggressions, sexism, racism, homophobia, transmisogyny, ableism, and derogatory language.

articule commits to prioritizing the knowledge and safety of individuals with intimate, lived experience of a particular oppression in order to collaboratively arrive at ways to address its effects.

articule acknowledges its location on the unceded territory of Indigenous peoples. We commit to decolonizing our space through our practices, language, and politics.

articule values solidarity, patience, and compassion in the process of working towards equity in both personal encounters and structural decisions; this includes both individual and collective accountability as well as prioritizing accessibility and QTBIPOC safety.

articule acknowledges that good intention is not enough; anti-oppressive practice requires individuals to cultivate an ongoing awareness of the dynamics which disempower some and privilege others, in order to redress inequalities.

articule is committed to investing in the process of self-critical adaptation, maintaining collaborative efforts with other cultural workers, and developing ongoing public outreach to include those marginalized by the arts community we operate within.

The basis of unity is an ongoing collaboration available to all of articule’s participants, including its membership, board of directors, and staff. In order to ensure transparency, the basis of unity and other educational tools must remain visible and accessible to all who engage with articule (including renters, special project participants and contractual collaborators). Many of the points of unity and core principles were informed by feedback offered by the membership. Continual proactive efforts, such as open discussion, feedback, and surveys, should regularly occur at the centre to ensure a constant development of these values and preventative approaches.

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